Helsinki & Tallinn

Once again, my longest and best friend Steffen (28 years of friendship, whoop!) and I went out on a trip to check out Helsinki and Tallinn. Other than New York last year, the finnish weather was a pain in the ass. Since no forecast could tell us what was happening the next day, we just had to deal with what we got. I accepted the challenge and kept taking pictures no matter what! Well, Helsinki is a very nice, relaxed city. Not too fancy and exclusive than other cities but still very enjoyable. I’m glad we rent a car for two days to see some national parks in the surrounding area. Helsinki is pretty small though and you see most of it within 3 to 4 days. Besides I’m just a nature boy through and through. Nice old buildings, shopping streets, cafes and bars are cool but just a few trees at a lake and migrating birds flying above are more than enough to keep me happy.