Last week I’ve been solo traveling through Brandenburg and along German coastlines to explore several islands around the baltic sea such as Rügen, Hiddensee and Zingst. On my way back home I stopped at my brothers and my niece, who live close by Warnemünde. Even though summer holidays in most German states were almost over I somehow ended up in very crowded places so I decided to just hike through the local national parks. Best choice ever! Since most people spent their time at all the popular beaches, I’ve been pretty much by myself in the parks and could completely focus on what surrounds me. I really enjoyed travelling alone. It boosts my mind because there are absolutely no distractions. But on the other hand, sharing great places and wonderful moments with someone helps me to remember these times on the road even more. I’m glad I can do both and if I really wanna go somewhere I will just go and be not depend on someone. But to be honest to myself. It’s not about proofing the world how lonley I can be. Other people bring with them compromises but who said that compromises are generally a bad thing? People can inspire you, push you and make those times together in a new place even more exciting and significant.