Roadtrip Slovenia & Italy I

So this was it. The maiden voyage of my van. These past ten days I’ve been road tripping through the Triglav National Park in Slovenia and up to the Dolomite Alps. I got 1,749 Kilometers of proof that buying this car has been truly one of the best investments I have ever made in my life so far. Growing up with my parents Bully was significantly inspiring and I always knew that one day I will get one too. The time has come now and having the possibility to go nearly anywhere in the world and always have your little home with you is overwhelming. As a minimalist it’s been also very relieving to learn, that pretty much all I need in life can fit in that grey rolling box of a T5 Volkswagen. This might sounds cliché but all those ugly postcards with big colorful letters and cheesy pictures are right – Follow your dreams! There’s nothing more satisfying than making them come true.