Simply Saxony

This years easter adventure took me to a well known place in the german outdoor scene – the saxon switzerland. I’ve never been here before but only after a few hours hiking, I realized that the hype on instagram about this unique place is 100% appropriate. Usually I tend to set my expectations a bit too high when traveling to new places and sometimes get disapointed but not in this case. My expectations were even exceeded. We were so lucky to experience sunny weather on our first day and found an awesome moody scenerey on the next. So lots of oppurtinities to go crazy with the photography game and come home with a stack of great pictures. I highly recommend NOT to go to the „famous“ Bastei bridge. This place is way too crowded and overrated in my opinion. We just stopped there on our way back home and instantly got stressed out by all these people. If you are a nature lover and willing to hike you better drive to the Kirnitzschtal, park your car somewhere and walk one of the many trails the national park offers. You’ll get rewarded with even greater views and silence.