This is Max my room mate. He gave me the opportunity to finish 2019 not only with a roof over my head but also with a great shooting afternoon with probably some of my favorite pictures ever. Creative wise I wanna step into kind of a new direction in 2020. As I mentioned in a previous post, I will always stay loyal to the outdoors but new perspectives, more faces, different light, darker colors and private moments are on the rise. Changes in life are unstoppable and omnipresent – so is the creative process. Cheers!



Christmas in Denmark

This years Christmas I spent in Denmark in a cozy little house right at the coast of the north sea. It's been some very relaxed days full of strolls around the beach, good food and reading.

Southern Norway

Oh Norway, you are and you will always be my favorite country in Europe. My recent trip up there confirmed it once again. After struggeling with an broken ankle this whole summer, not be able to do shit, I was pretty bummed. Of course my traveling plans had to be shifted, too. Eventually it has been a blessing to be forced to wait with traveling until the end of summer. These fall colors and the mood was just yummie! Although I'm not completley recovered from my ankle injury I couldn't hold still and hiked one or the other trail – don't tell my physical therapist.


Val Gardena

I started alpine skiing when I was six years old. It was probably the first time I fell in love with the mountains. For some reason I've never ever considered to bring a camera on a ski trip but this time I finally did and it was great. My dad and I skied through the dolomites, chasing the most beautiful views in the area of Val Gardena, while at the same time shredding down it's awesome slopes. If you ever get the chance to combine two of your passions don't hesitate, it's extremly satisfying.

Isle of Skye

This is the third time in a row my longest friend Steffen and I met somewhere in the world in the first week of October to travel together. This time we rented a car in Glasgow and drove up north to the Isle of Skye – a place I wanted to visit and explore for such a long time. The island and Scotland in general blew my mind and exceeded my expecations in ways I couldn't imagine. These rough and wide open sceneries combined with the mountains and the sea are so beautiful and exactly the enviroment I feel home. Not to mention all these nice hearty scotish people. Now that I know I can handle driving on the "wrong" side of the road I will definetly go back there with my beloved van. Crossing that place from my bucket list felt great. There's nothing more satisfying then aiming for goals and actually reach them.